Business Card Spot Gloss Highlights

“StarMarque” is the name that gives to the Gloss Varnish that we apply to our quality print products.

It is also known as Spot UV or UV Coating and adds a flare to any printed product to which it is applied.

The most common use of StarMarque is on business cards.  We like to think of it as “Like your Card just stepped out of a Salon” !

There are many ways in which StarMarque can be used which will add sparkle to your cards.  Our Design Team is trained to know how to maximize the StarMarque effect.  We also know when it won’t be so effective – we are here to advise.

The Top 3 Uses of StarMarque on Business Cards are:

  1. Highlighting a cut-out object within the image
  2. Highlighting a dark Logo on a dark background
  3. Using StarMarque as a Pattern or separate design element

Benefits of StarMarque on Business Cards:

  1. Added Quality
  2. Stands out / Emphasis on important elements of the card
  3. Impress your potential Client – “Classy”!
  4. and you never know… your card may even be more likely to be pulled out from those business-card-in-a-jar draws because they feel so good!

Contact us at North Shore to find out more about StarMarque and check out the special pricing for the month of June!

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