A Big Glossy Thank You

Christmas is the season of all things joyful, fun and GLOSSY. To help you get organised for Christmas check out our offerings this month, so you can get your Christmas thank you’s sorted!

This Christmas take the opportunity to say a little hello or a big thank you to your favourite customers and send them a Christmas card. The earlier you post them out, the longer they’ll sit on their desk! You can either supply your own artwork or ask us about our artwork packages and free stock images! Check out below a few of our exclusive Christmas card  stock images. Continue reading

Get your act together in the blink of an eye with our Luxurious Presentation Folders

First impressions count right? If you could increase the odds of winning quotes, proposals or tenders, what is that worth? From 52c per presentation folder, seriously improve how your business is perceived with our high impact folders. They rock. Continue reading

The Promotional Giveaway That Stands Out Above the Rest

Is there a tool that has the ability to advertise your business all year round? Well do not go any further than calendars. Calendars are a versatile gift to consider giving away.

Every office that you walk into displays a calendar. Both functional and decorative, custom calendars help users manage time and subtly imprints your logo which achieves logo recognition for the future.

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Why are postcards useful to promote your business?

Postcards are a hot topic for us this month at printing.com as part of our August Offer of the Month. Mail-out, hand-out or sell them, these say much more than “wish you were here!”

Postcards help you stand out from the crowd in a mailbox drop, or can be used as just a postcard for that handwritten touch! Postcards call for endless possibilities, with a shiny gloss front for vibrant colour and an uncoated reverse perfect for writing on.

6 Great Advantages of Postcards Continue reading

Much more than just letterhead…

These days communication is instant, emails fly through cyberspace to land in the recipient’s inbox a few seconds later, compared to the time consuming action of sending a letter in the post. Are letters still a viable form of communication for business?

Absolutely! Communication via email is extremely popular but now our inboxes are brimming to capacity, we skim our eyes down the “new” messages sometimes not even opening the new message, or they land in junk mail, are deleted without being read or just lost in the vastness of the world wide web. Continue reading