How to make your business more memorable!

There are many great ways to promote your business and what you have to offer, such as leaflets, flyers, brochures and much more. However have you ever considered using stickers as a marketing tool?

Stickers are an effective way to spread your business message without spending too much effort and money. With a bit of creative flare stickers can be employed in business to catch the attention of current and future customers.

People are hoarders and if your stickers are effective who knows they might become collectable! Even if you give them away for free stickers have the ability to reach many more customers once they are placed on a flat surface such as cards, homes, books, fridges, walls, notebooks, diaries, windows, business establishments, car bumpers, skate boards, bicycle helmets and so much more…

Making the most of your stickers
A great way to make your business sticker stand out is to ask yourself how many creative ways you can use a sticker? Stickers have the ability to strengthen your brand and also make it much easier for customers to remember and recognize you for future interaction.

Stickers in business are a flexible marketing tool for many industries. See below for a  few examples.

Use stickers as labels in bakeries, cafes, on food wrappers, on containers, on boxes etc

Stickers could be used as a coaster or try vinyl stickers for durability and re-usability.

Try out bumper stickers for maximum exposure.

Shopping bags are a must for any retail business establishment. Use stickers as shopping bag closures instead of just a staple or tape. Branded shopping bag stickers give packaging a sophisticated look.

Name Tags Stickers for parties, meetings, conferences etc

Give them away as freebies in prizes, draws, games, conferences, events and more. Your customers will gravitate towards stickers as they are shiny and tactile. If they are visually appealing or humorous people are more likely to stick them somewhere in their home or workplace where they will serve as a constant reminder of your brand!

Link to your website Promotional stickers can be even more useful if they link customers to your website which has more information about your company. Or even use a QR code to create intrigue.

Sticker opportunitites are limitless. They can be used to personalize, announce, build identity and inform customers. So are you Sticker Happy? Get stickering at every opportunity you can – on the side of every box that leaves your warehouse, on the front of every envelope that leaves your office, use them as your business cards or even go as far as guerrilla advertising with stickers… or maybe that is too much ;)

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