Leaflets & Flyers – Tips on design, print & delivery

A couple of months ago, we featured a promotion on leaflets and shared some tips on how to maximise this form of marketing.  Leaflets or flyers as they are often called, are back in the news for us at printing.com as part of our July Offer of the Month. 

Firstly, is a flyer junk mail or is it information to assist the client?

A recent survey in the UK, the British Marketing Survey 2010, found that “door to door leaflet marketing beats all other advertising channels.”

Flyers are particularly great for local marketing as you can target specific areas and demographics.  It gives your company profile and presence.

People are inspired by physical printed marketing and are less likely to throw them away.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing, printing and distributing your flyers:

Design and Print

Consider the following:

  1. Images – select carefully
  2. Use of Colour
  3. Attention grapping headline  – you could ask a question, or hone in on a current issue…
  4. Know your audience
  5. Focus on the important messages – don’t be tempted to clutter the flyer with everything
  6. Giveaway some key information – so the reader feels they need to keep the flyer, and point them to where they can find out more, ie. phone, email, website, facebook, QR Code
  7. Remember that the flyer is less likely to be thrown away if it looks and feels professional, so seek some graphic design advice
  8. Professionally printed – the better quality of the print, the more likely the recipient is to keep it


Timing – unless the receiver of the flyer is ready to purchase your product or utilise your services, you have not delivered the flyer at the right time.  People will only buy when they are ready to, not when you are ready to sell. 

So… the key is to regularly put your marketing message in front of them – to create familiarity; they will remember you when they are ready to.

Targeting – target your campaign to your market – remember quality is better than quantity; coupled with regularity.

Testing – consider testing a couple of different offers at different times, to different locations – this could be good research on what works.

Delivery – these are some ways to deliver your flyers to your potential customers:

  1. Mail out to your database
  2. Use a company like Reach Media to distribute
  3. Pay some people to letterbox deliver in selected areas
  4. Be careful of placing under car window wipers

For more advice, check out our April article and take advantage of our July Winter Sale - 50% off when you get 1,000 or 2,000 DLE Premium Leaflets!

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