Looking ahead to a booming New Year

I know, you’re probably swimming in holiday orders at the moment and are counting down the days until you can take a much needed break from production. But a funny thing happens between the end of December and January – the orders come to a screeching halt.

Instead of taking the month of January off, or sitting back with the understanding it will be a rough month, do something about it and plan ahead to get your customers back in the door for the New Year.

Spicy new ideas for 2012

Create a New Campaign
If you keep doing the same stuff, you’ll get the same results. Instead, come up with an entirely new idea – something you’ve never done before or have never seen anyone else do in your area.

Offer packages for recurring work
It may seem obvious, but if you only offer one-off services then your clients won’t have a reason to hire you again. Create a relationship with your clients through follow ups, VIP cards, loyalty cards etc. All these things keep you in front of their mind and stop them from just using the closest or the cheapest competitor.

Give your best clients special treatment
Always treat your best clients better than prospective or new clients. Best clients are those who have brought you the most amount of business or referred you to new clients.

“Special treatment” may include discounted rates or unannounced gifts. You can also offer exclusive services for them. Always make time in your schedule for last-minute requirements from existing clients.

Revive “zombie clients”
Haven’t heard from a past client for some time? Give them a gentle nudge. What about making up a “where have you been” letter, to ask clients why you haven’t heard from them…or ask for feedback. Worth a try :)

Mark important dates
Send existing clients a birthday card or another gift. While you’re at it, why not include a voucher. Or, you could do something similar on the anniversary of when you first started working together

Ask for referrals
Having a referral system in place can be good for your business. Aside from bringing you new clients, having an existing client refer a prospect to you increases her loyalty to you. You can offer incentives in exchange for referrals, such as a discount on a future project or an outright commission.

If you don’t offer an incentive, always send the referrer a simple, but thoughtful email.

I know, it takes work to keep track of these things. But, these details are what makes you stand out from your competition. You will notice there is a common theme running through these tips. They’re all about making your clients feel special, appreciated and loved. So always ask yourself, “What can I do to show my clients how much I value them?”

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Merry Christmas from the team at printing.com North Shore and all the best for the New Year!

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