New Name but same, same, same

On the 1st April 2011, PrintStop changed its name to reflect the international branding of the master franchise

PrintStop and has evolved over the years. Reading through the history of the franchise and company it is evident that things change over time to reflect the current market, the industry and of course, the customer.

PrintStop is a name you are familiar with, a name that is synonymous with well priced, fast turnaround, full colour printing. We are New Zealand’s only national retail printing chain, with 50 locally owned and operated franchises spread across the country.

This year we will continue to bring you everything you love about PrintStop, plus a whole lot more! We’ll be expanding the service and products we currently provide for you so watch out for some exciting new initiatives in the months ahead.

We live in a world of constant change, where things seldom stay the same, and we believe that’s what makes our world so wonderful.  That’s why we’re excited to be sharing our news about our future, where we will be staying the same in so many ways, but we’ll have a new name and be even better than before!

SAME great people

SAME high quality

SAME handy locations

SAME friendly service and

SAME delivery promise …

with a NEW name!

From 1 April 2011 it will be business as usual at PrintStop, but we’ll be called That’s the name that’s been powering PrintStop from behind the scenes for a number of years and also operates in England, Europe, USA and Australia. Through our ongoing association with we’ll be able to bring you more new products and other innovations that are already proving to be a huge hit in the global marketplace.

What is a brand?

A logo? Corporate colours? Stationery?

A brand is all of these and much more, a brand is everything from a customer’s perception of who you are, to the quality, the look, customer care, retail and web look, the voice of communication and more.

The relationship between consumer and brand is often emotional rather than rational.  Branding facilitates memory recall, thus contributing to preferred selection and customer loyalty.

Why bother changing our name?

Printingdotcom (PDC) are an established, progressive retail print UK based company who have “powered” PrintStop for the last five years.

We are going global – but remaining locally owned, future proofing ourselves and our customers with new initiatives, like on-line ordering, digital asset store and customer templates.

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