NZ History of PrintStop and

So, how did the PrintStop network begin in New Zealand?

In 2003, Astra bought a chain of copy shops from Xerox.

In the course of the search Lawrence came across in the UK (PDC).  PDC were so obviously ahead of the rest but not ready for international engagement, so the development of a hub and spoke print model was introduced.

Those early days are a bit of a blur in hindsight.  A concept was fleshed out, a brand was developed, products were defined, production processes were planned, surveys were done and selling programs were established.

They were exciting times, but they were also difficult times.

Talks began again with PDC ( and in October 2006, 14 stores were operating under the master license of the method.

Where we are today:

The PrintStop network is now fully tapping into the ongoing research, development and business initiatives generated by in the UK, changing our name to only brings the alignment closer and includes us as part of a global network dedicated to making our businesses – and those of our customers – even better!

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