Strategic Step Forward for PrintStop and Small Business

PrintStop, New Zealand’s leading printing franchise network, has formalised its strategic partnership with to bring even more quality print services to small and medium sized businesses.

Today (1 April 2011) PrintStop rebrands to as part of its partnership with the UK-based global network of the same name.  The partnership provides the New Zealand franchise network with access to an international network of resources, expertise and collateral.

PrintStop CEO Steve Messenger says PrintStop stores around the country can now offer an even wider range of high quality print services that have traditionally been priced out of the reach of small and medium businesses.

“Small businesses want the same high quality print services as big companies but historically they haven’t been able to afford the same level as those with bigger budgets and volumes,” says Steve Messenger.

“We’ve changed that by making high quality print services readily available to all businesses without the high costs for setup and project management that have traditionally been associated with large volume print clients.”

Research into the New Zealand print industry by PrintNZ found one of the key motivators forming the print buyer’s perception is the interaction the buyer has with individual printers and print suppliers, who the buyers consider to be the ‘face’ of the industry.

Lisa Gembitsky, General Manager of Konfident Kidz, has been utilising PrintStop’s services for over three years and is excited by the network’s latest initiative.

“We run an anti-bullying and interactive confidence building programme for school children and the team at PrintStop has been a huge part in making a difference to this company,” says Lisa Gembitsky.

“They got us started by printing our very first workbooks and business cards, and they made it so easy for us. And they meet some of the tightest deadlines!  Really, if it wasn’t for PrintStop’s help and ongoing support from the awesome team, Konfident Kidz certainly would not have helped over 2000 students so far!”

PrintStop’s strategic partnership with will enable the network of franchisees throughout New Zealand to focus on further developing the consultative-led approach that is the essence of the PrintStop model.

Service is the key differential and our nationwide local presence enables us to develop more strategic client relationships through consultation to strengthen loyalty and it provides the ability to offer a marketing solution, not just print services,” says CEO Steve Messenger.

“It’s all about service which is inherently linked to quality and brand perception.  We operate with the ethos of putting local service backed by the benefits of access to an international network at the heart of our business.”

The same values form the basis of the model and the company has traditionally maintained a strong network of client-facing account managers which has served it well in building more strategic relationships to strengthen loyalty and attract new clients.  “Our partnership with means we’ve become a classic example of ‘glocalisation’, where we’re backed by an international organisation driving development and technology advances and upgrades which are filtered through the system to our people on the street at the forefront of the customer relationship.”

“Changing the network name to only brings the alignment closer and includes us as part of a global network dedicated to making our businesses – and those of our customers – even better!”

Additional benefits for the New Zealand franchise network include access to international design and marketing professionals providing collateral and resources to help franchisees and in turn help customers market their businesses better.

“ also provides a lot of support for targeted marketing campaigns that can be measured, monitored, recorded and fed back into the business development loop.  This way we can retain and further develop sustainable demand and our competitive edge in New Zealand by continuing to deliver consistently high quality.”

“One more thing – if you’re searching online for print services and you ‘google it’ we like the fact that we now have the added advantage of our new name so we will be even easier to find.  Currently the global website is ranked 13th in the world for website traffic in the printing category.”

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