How to make your business more memorable!

There are many great ways to promote your business and what you have to offer, such as leaflets, flyers, brochures and much more. However have you ever considered using stickers as a marketing tool?

Stickers are an effective way to spread your business message without spending too much effort and money. With a bit of creative flare stickers can be employed in business to catch the attention of current and future customers.

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We LOVE to Design: Business Cards

Good design sells. Fact. Bad design – or even just average design – may do more damage to your business than you might care to think. 

There are many software applications available that have design wizards which let you knock up a design in no time. But design isn’t about knowing which button to press. It’s about creating the mood, delivering the message and making the sale.

Our design team at North Shore have many years of experience between our 4 in house graphic designers. Here are some examples of what we can do…

Revamp of an existing business card: Partridge Builders

  • Updated logo and layout
  • Added professional association logos and icons to add credibility
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Business Card Spot Gloss Highlights

“StarMarque” is the name that gives to the Gloss Varnish that we apply to our quality print products.

It is also known as Spot UV or UV Coating and adds a flare to any printed product to which it is applied.

The most common use of StarMarque is on business cards.  We like to think of it as “Like your Card just stepped out of a Salon” !

There are many ways in which StarMarque can be used which will add sparkle to your cards.  Our Design Team is trained to know how to maximize the StarMarque effect.  We also know when it won’t be so effective – we are here to advise.

The Top 3 Uses of StarMarque on Business Cards are:

  1. Highlighting a cut-out object within the image
  2. Highlighting a dark Logo on a dark background
  3. Using StarMarque as a Pattern or separate design element

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