Rack Cards – 7 Additional Uses for this effective Marketing Tool

Rack Card, designed and printed by printing.com NorthShore

We thought that you could do with red hot deal to warm you up during the colder months, so……….during the month of May (that’s now!!) we’re going a little crazy – letting you DOUBLE UP FOR FREE on regular rack cards when you order 500 or 1000.

This means you will save up to $316!!!!!!!

So what are Rack Cards? – they are heavier/thicker than a Leaflet and are ideal for a hand-out or a letterbox drop.  For this deal, the rack-card is DL (1/3 size of A4), but there are other sizes available.

Rack Cards are also available in “shaped” version (at additional cost).  There are some great tips here on how your marketing message can stand out with interesting shapes.

Here are some additional uses for Rack Cards to take advantage of our May Special: Continue reading