It’s All in the Ingredients…

All Printing is the Same, Right? Leaflets from us are the same as leaflets from that bloke your brother knows. Business cards from that little shop on the high street are as good as ours, right? Wrong. They may sound the same, but it’s like comparing apples with whales. We give you a “business class” product at an “economy class” price.

Looking ahead to a booming New Year

I know, you’re probably swimming in holiday orders at the moment and are counting down the days until you can take a much needed break from production. But a funny thing happens between the end of December and January – the orders come to a screeching halt.

Instead of taking the month of January off, or sitting back with the understanding it will be a rough month, do something about it and plan ahead to get your customers back in the door for the New Year. Continue reading

Get your act together in the blink of an eye with our Luxurious Presentation Folders

First impressions count right? If you could increase the odds of winning quotes, proposals or tenders, what is that worth? From 52c per presentation folder, seriously improve how your business is perceived with our high impact folders. They rock. Continue reading

The Future of Business Cards

Business is tough these days.  It is becoming harder to stand out in your industry and budgets are decreasing.  Technologies are changing.  Not just the evolution of digital printing, but also online.

Websites have taken over the traditional brochure, email taken over physical mailing and google search taken over Yellow Pages.  Networking has gone online.  In summary, business marketing, particularly for small businesses has evolved.

Where does the traditional business card fit within all this?  Do we still need them?

Absolutely.  They are a necessity of any business.  It is your lead generation calling card.  At any networking event or meeting, business cards are exchanged.  They are a physical reminder of you that people still love to receive.  Yes, the technology is there with the smart phones, iPads, online address books and even apps to scan in a business card, however at the end of the day the physical card is your image – the first point of call, easy to hand-over in a face-to-face conversation or networking event. Continue reading