Much more than just letterhead…

These days communication is instant, emails fly through cyberspace to land in the recipient’s inbox a few seconds later, compared to the time consuming action of sending a letter in the post. Are letters still a viable form of communication for business?

Absolutely! Communication via email is extremely popular but now our inboxes are brimming to capacity, we skim our eyes down the “new” messages sometimes not even opening the new message, or they land in junk mail, are deleted without being read or just lost in the vastness of the world wide web. Continue reading

Leaflets & Flyers – Tips on design, print & delivery

A couple of months ago, we featured a promotion on leaflets and shared some tips on how to maximise this form of marketing.  Leaflets or flyers as they are often called, are back in the news for us at as part of our July Offer of the Month. 

Firstly, is a flyer junk mail or is it information to assist the client?

A recent survey in the UK, the British Marketing Survey 2010, found that “door to door leaflet marketing beats all other advertising channels.”

Flyers are particularly great for local marketing as you can target specific areas and demographics.  It gives your company profile and presence.

People are inspired by physical printed marketing and are less likely to throw them away. Continue reading