How the international network began

When putting together this blog-site, with the purpose of interacting with our North Shore customers and to time with the rebranding from PrintStop to, we reflected back on the history of the company.  How did come to be? and, like many of our customers ask, how did we manage to have such a “valuable” name – printingdotcom?  We found there was an interesting story to tell…

How the network began:

It all began, over 20 years ago in 1990 in the UK
The business evolved from the present Chief Executive’s exploits in the nightclub industry.  Originally, nightclub promotion gave way to the production of nightclub Flyers, proving the mainstay of the early printing work.

Early day artisan Flyers (thermography, foil blocking etc) gave way to batch production and a more homogenised product, however one that was more efficient to produce, usable for a great variety of market segments and very importantly, profitable.

By 1994, turnover had passed the £500k mark and Continue reading