The Promotional Giveaway That Stands Out Above the Rest

Is there a tool that has the ability to advertise your business all year round? Well do not go any further than calendars. Calendars are a versatile gift to consider giving away.

Every office that you walk into displays a calendar. Both functional and decorative, custom calendars help users manage time and subtly imprints your logo which achieves logo recognition for the future.

Why Calendars? Because calendars are…

Indispensable for planning and if designed well they attract attention with compelling themes and orĀ images.

Your logo and contact details are always on show, never hidden in a drawer or briefcase like a business card is. Your calendar will be gratefully received and displayed.

Your brand enjoys continual exposure, seen 365 days of the year, that is alot of beneficial marketing!

Giveaways can be a very effective tool, as everybody loves to get something for free, calendars are just that bit extra special. Plan your calendars now, to give away towards the end of the year.

Calendars are used on a daily basis. A calendar is the perfect promotional giveaway because it’s something that will make our lives better. Compare calendars to cheap giveaways that break the first time or we only use once!

Calendar Image Collections
Good photography is a must for calendars. At we offer exclusive calendar image collections available free of charge. Each collection has at least 12 matching images. Or if you are after a truly unique calendar, why not personalise your calendar and include your own photographs or illustrations. Place your logo, address, website and contact numbers in full colour on every page.

Gifting calendars can be done in many ways, consider giving them to current customers, as a way of showing appreciation for their loyalty. Or even potential customers, this is a great way to introduce your business to them. What about your business’s employees? Everyone loves to feel appreciated and calendar gifting is definitely one of the most effective ways to thank people that have been involved in your business.

The bottom line is, when it comes to promotional giveaways, calendars rule the roost! Plan your calendars now and contact us at North Shore, as next week from the 22nd until the 31 st of August we have 35% off selected calendars.

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