Why I still use a diary?

Ever since I can remember I have been using a paper diary. Probably a talent that was installed in me as a young school girl.

This wee obsession surprises many who except a young graphic designer to be a sporting the latest in calendar technology. How could I, of all people, be so resistant to progress?

Like many people with the same abnormal fetish, there is a particular style of diary I prefer – a week view, portrait layout, lined hours in the weekdays and a hard wearing cover. This then has to fit nicely into my hand and not too heavy in my handbag.  I like the cover to feel tactile; laminated possibly very important with something you hold and touch so often.

Why bother using digital organisers when the analogue version is already near perfection. Digital versions are still poor seconds behind a well laid out paper diary.

However there are some advantages to planning my life in an iPhone, over my trusty old paper diary. The main one is that the iPhone is synced to all sorts of places, so if I lose my phone the information is safe, somewhere… By making the diary public, or sharing it with colleagues, we can gain some efficiencies in coordinating our lives.

This is where the benefits stop. The most important function of a diary is to make it quick and easy to record and recall appointments for myself. The technical term for a shared diary is a calendar, or more specifically, a wall calendar. Of which we have plenty stuck up around our office!

And the major flaw with electronic organisers is that you cannot easily talk to someone on the phone whilst looking through your diary to make an appointment. Sure you can put the phone on speaker but you risk pushing the wrong button and ending the call! With a paper diary you can find, create and change appointments in a fraction of a second by flicking through the weeks and using your pen boldly still while talking on the phone!

In closing, I am a very fast touch typist, but even I cannot tap faster on an iPhone than I can scrawl with my pen across my diary. I do not need to scroll or page to the right place on the right day when one thumb movement can turn the page and take me forward a week.

So why not entertain diary giving this Christmas? A diary with your company logo and contact details is an ideal corporate gift or promotional vehicle, subtly exposing your business in front of your customers every day of the year. Talk to us about our November offer on 2012 diaries – personalise your own 2012 diary cover and we’ll fill in the pages with New Zealand 2012 dates and public holidays.

Chanel Campbell – Graphic Designer
printing.com North Shore

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